Is This Sexual Harassment? (2019)

Directors: John O’Kane, Pier Wilkie
Production Company: BBC Current Affairs for BBC3
Summary: Benjamin Zand hosts a social experiment in which a group of people watch a drama in 3 parts, debate what constitutes sexual harassment, hear from people whose life has been affected and from a barrister who explains the law.

Time Away (2018)

Director: Maxine Peake
Production Company: Vox Pictures
Summary: As a young couple travel to the seaside for a desperately needed break, they find themselves haunted by memories of the very events from which they try to escape.


Sea Sorrow (2017)

Director: Vanessa Redgrave
Production Company: Leopardo Filmes
Summary: An examination of the historical context for the current migrant crisis.

Nominated: Camera D’Or – Cannes Film Festival 2017
Nominated: Best documentary (L’Œil d’or) – Cannes Film Festival 2017